We’re really excited to announce that we’ve started a new program to help as many budding entrepreneurs as possible launch successful businesses this upcoming year. It can really be a tough journey when you’re starting something new and don’t know exactly where to turn or what you should be doing.

The honest truth is, literally every first time entrepreneur has been there…we were once there, we toughed it out on our own but the reality is we could have hit our stride a lot sooner if we had expert level knowledge at our fingertips. That’s really why we’ve decided to launch the Biz Launch Program, with the goal to launch 16 successful businesses every 8 weeks.

Here’s a little intro we’ve written to give you and idea of what the program is;

When you’re trying to start a new business it can feel extremely difficult to figure out what steps to take and where to turn. Most entrepreneurs are told to start with a business plan, but how can you be expected to write a business plan until you’ve fully evaluated your idea.

The Biz Launch Program is designed to help entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and launch a business in a short window of time. The program is delivered by entrepreneurs who have been there and launched successful businesses, most importantly participants will get unprecedented access to industry leading knowledge and advice.

So, your next is probably how does it work, not to worry we’ve got that covered;

The Biz Launch Program is an 8-week program delivered in a collaborative three-hour group session. Each session starts with a two-hour presentation on a critical business topic and is followed by a final hour of open discussion where budding entrepreneurs can ask questions specifically about their business.

Groups are kept to a maximum of 8 participants to allow our team to deliver the absolute best quality each session.

Each entrepreneur also receives a weekly one-on-one meeting with our business experts to ensure they are on track. These one-on-one sessions are designed to drill down on key areas where each entrepreneur needs specific help, there is no one size fits all approach to starting a business and our team recognizes that.

Ultimately we set out to design this program to help, we’ve partnered with Kim Hickman and her wonderful team at Business Portals (check out the incredible office spaces at Business Portals) and the amazing team at The BeachHead in the Town of Holyrood (check out what The BeachHead is all about) to deliver these programs in professional working environments.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more checkout our Biz Launch Program page here.

We look forward to building some great businesses together.

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