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Business owners must wear many hats – from initial product development to customer service, but the need for sound financial advice based on relevant data is key to success in today’s rapidly changing economic climate. Conventionally, large companies turn to their CFO to provide leadership, manage risk, ensure regulatory compliance and maximize profits. A business owner is always concerned about safeguarding the financial well-being of their business, but how can you run your business & keep your finger on the ever changing financial pulse of your company. Our deep understanding of finance arms our clients with the tools to make quick & informed financial decisions, thereby allowing them to focus more attention to what matters most products & customers. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help refine your financial approach to provide measurable results in the areas of:

Fractional CFO Services

Every company needs a strong financial framework in order to succeed in today’s business climate. Fractional CFO services allow companies to add professional financial experience to their team but only for situations in which it is needed. Fractional CFO services provide our clients with flexibility & industry leading advice.

Assisting in formulating the company’s future direction & supporting tactical initiatives

Setting smart goals & executing can be a major hurdle for any business. Our expertise provides support to business owners & key team members, allowing them to identify realistic goals and executing on them to push the business model forward.

Developing, monitoring & directing the implementation of strategic business plans

A strategic business plan is the foundation on which the business is built. Developing, monitoring & directing the implementation of strategic business plans is what sets highly successful businesses apart from the rest. Our team can help every step of the way, through developing a strategic business plan on to implementing the plan company wide.

Developing & managing capital requests, cash flows, financial forecasting & budget development

Understanding which areas of your business require resources & when is the toughest job for any business owner. Our team brings vast experiencing developing & managing capital requests, which identifies the key areas that demand your resources and when those resources are needed. Armed with the right information, any business can be very profitable & successful.

Constructing performance & control measures that support the company’s strategic initiatives

Getting on the right path to success can be a difficult task. The team at Narrows understands that constructing performance & control measures gives a business owner the tools to ensure that they are on that path. We help build controls from the ground up so that they perfectly fit your business needs.

Assisting in the arrangement of financing programs (debt, equity, grants, subsidies, etc.)

The availability of capital is the engine that drives businesses forward. The team at Narrows has a great deal of experience arranging financing programs via debt programs (banks), equity raises (investors) and grants & subsidies (government programs). Having critical financing arrangements in place is what allows businesses to grow & prosper. We have built strong relationships with many financial institutions, private investors and government agencies that you can leverage to help grow or refine your business model.

Ensuring the company complies with regulatory requirements (auditors & government agencies)

Falling behind on regulatory requirements is not something anyone sets out to do, however, many businesses do fall behind due to lack of time or comprehensive understanding. The team at Narrows has focused on taking that off the plate of the business owner & handling all regulatory requirements on their behalf. We handle all correspondence with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and provide insightful reports to help you ensure your business is in good standing.

Providing full cycle bookkeeping services

Keeping an accurate set of books is easily the most crucial, yet overlooked aspect of owning a business. Many business owners believe they can handle it themselves or hire someone to take care of it. Narrows quickly established itself as a leader in full-cycle bookkeeping services by focusing on ensuring each & every client has an accurate & up-to-date set of books. We act on behalf of many of our clients with CRA & handle all government remitting requirements.

Discover how adding professional financial advice will immediately generate a significant return on investment for your business.

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